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Really need more answer options.  If you want a beach holiday presumably you'll say outside UK but for other types (craft, adventure, sailing etc) I would choose inside UK, so on balance I went for inside.

No option for have holidays in UK and abroad.

I do both.

I like both depending on the type of holiday I want to go on.

My dream would be 3 weeks in New Zealand then 1 in Australia visiting family. The reality is 2 weeks in the Highlands, and that's great too.

I've never been "outside" the UK... but then the last time I had a holiday was in 1990.

I have a favourite place in Majjorca but I also have places I love in the UK especially in Devon and Cornwall.

There should have been more options.

Both.  Depends what i'm looking for! But forced to choose it would be somewhere hot so outside

I have holidays both in the UK and outside ... But my ideal holiday is hot and sunny which doesn't happen here so definitely outside for me!


Do both!

Outside, for a dream holiday, as within the UK is more of a reality, less something to dream about.

really I do like to do both but its cooler here

Both, depending on what there is to see and do in each place.

For guaranteed sun, sand and sea it has to be outside.

Outside ... the Alps, Japan, anywhere I can ski really.  Although, saying that, it's over 20 years since I had a holiday so anywhere would do right now :)  

Always loved the Pontins and butlings

I'd just love to go on any type of holiday to be honest but leaving the UK is something i've always wanted to do. I've never been on holiday....

Both locations have their merits. For beach holidays definitely Eeurop (especiallyCorfu) but for places of interests the UK can give Euope a run for their money