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I love doing some charity work but sometimes due to my personal commitments I can't involve in most of them.

I am a firm believer that charity begins at home. Also, I see a lot of people around me who do charity 'work' or charity plaster them all over Facebook.
I think giving a helping hand by whatever means to your family, friends or neighbours is a priority. Once you've accomplished that, go further out there, of course.

I have friends who do lots of charity work but do not want to boast about it, they just do it to help others.

I do donate on a regular basis but also respond to some of the television ones by mobile but I really do hate the follow up after because I feel that I what I donated has gone into the phone call where they are trying to get more.

I hate the follow up phone calls trying to increae the donation, makes me feel as if my choice of amount is clearly not good enough and I am put off by such calls.

I love to shop from charity shops and regularly donate items for sale. I also like attending events where I can enjoy myself but where some of the proceeds go to charity. I like to put my small change in the tin provided on the counter - it all adds up. I attended a charity event at the weekend which was great fun but where, again, most of the proceeds went to charity.

only MS as my daughter has it

Awful disease my father suffered from it. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.Wish her all the best from me and good luck .

I have MS but refuse to donate to them as the money is not used properly any more and does not improve peoples lives in most parts of the UK>

all the time

I help out RNIB every month with a donation

I give some cash to charity's and second hand clothes to oxfam. I could not afford to give a days wages but if I had lots more money coming in I would consider given a days wages . However I would only consider a few charity's. Lots of charity's are good but when you look at how the money is spent it puts you off donating.

Exactly not all of them, are what they claim and even the bigger ones do not use what they receive as well as they should.

My Church is a registered charity and I am the (voluntary) Administrator, so I give a lot of my time to charity! Plus support various charities financially - hospice, cats, guide dogs, etc.

Daily - League Against Cruel Sports. A Charity that does brilliant work in trying to protect our beautiful animals against certain sick elements of our society!

So you, like most sensible people who care about animals, will be against the latest government idea to repeal the fox hunting ban.

I buy from charity shops. I also donate books /clothes etc to North Air Ambulance. In addition I create hand crafted greeting cards & other items for dog charities to auction. ( A set of notebooks created from scratch with shopping list, sticky notes,calendar & pen raised £36)

You enjoy crafts like me then, I do tapestry and cross stitching.

Donate a day's wage interesting Teresa May'Jeremy Corbyn there is an election coming up lead by example some how i doubt it .If the top 100 earners in the country did this there would be less emphasis on the caring lower income people to feel obliged and would set a good example to other higher earners

In Theresa Mays case she clearly did not live in a very poor vicarage, or have contacts with any poor ordinary people in her Fathers parishes.

I do not give money to large charities as a majority of the money does not go to the cause, however in the future I would like to do some charity work myself that involves helping the charity directly.


If today is donate a days wadges then it is clearly nott receiving much publicity, as this is the first I heard about it.
This is fine for those who can afford to do so, but insulting to expect the majority to lose a days money, that a lot of people actually really need.

No. I can't afford to lose a day's money, whether I wanted to donate it or not.

Volunteer for Cats Protection regularly - socialising cats, organising their second hand bookshop, helping out at fundraising days.

honestly am sick of charities

I will try.

I believe action is worth more usually than money. I too volunteer for Cats Protection and foster cats at home. I used to be on the paid workforce but left in disgust at the way they treat some of their volunteers along with inside knowledge of their wastefulness. Nevertheless, the cats didn't cause the problem and still need help!
I'm also on a local committee for cancer research uk. Good to their people but possibly wasteful too.
I'm led more by compassion and realise that the charities are also a business that have to work in a specific way to keep the flow of cash coming in.

Yes I do raise money for charities & donate things on a weekly basis.

I donate things to charity shops. I used to sponsor people but have not been asked lately. Years ago I used to do 12 hr sponsored marathon singarounds. Also over the years I have done charity concerts. The only thing we are still doing is playing music for church services.

I am doing the moonwalk in London this Saturday. 26.2 miles around London, overnight in a decorated bra to raise both money and awareness for Cancer.

I work for WHSmith, we are 225 years old this year. We have pledged to raise £2million to be given to mind, cancer research and national literacy trust. So if you go into a WHSmith and see a cake sale, raffle etc it is going to a great cause.