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only from charity shops.

Cornwall Air Ambulance is a charity & they saved my life when my heart stopped after a terrible accident that broke my leg in 17 place in 2010, so without them I wouldn`t be here now! 

Benefitted by taking part in fundraising events, they were good fun and great social occasions.

I was born 13 weeks premature, which caused me to have a bleed on my brain which has resulted in that with me having a lifelong condition called hydrocephalus - (water on the brain). I have to be transferred to another city as my home city did not have the facilities available at that time to save my life.


On my 18th birthday I celebrated by organising and coordinating a sponsored walk involving 100 others walking from Sheffield to Leeds-approximately 42 miles. With small charity event that I organised including auctions and bake sales, along with the money generated from the sponsored walk  I was able to raise over £21,500. I also had a donation of an incubator from Phillips electronic company which is now in situe in one of the hospitals. 


The hospital saved my life so this was my payback of gratitude that cannot be measured xx

I was very inspired by your story! An incredible achievement for you and the charity you raised money for!

Thankyou Annali for your kind words, they mean a lot. I wish you well for the future :) 

Personally - no but my daughter benefitted from two educational charities

Voted no. Haven't been on receiving end of any help or support (lucky enough not to have needed it)  - but have volunteered for years for several local charities. Knowing that my (and others') efforts are helping people is a great feeling. In a modest way I have got a lot of pleasure out of this - meeting people etc, so in that way it has brought me great benefits. Plus, I always donate to and occasionally buy from charity shops

Would like to congratulate onlyme982

Thankyou Pennypincher for your support and kind words. I wish you well for the future Smile xx

Sort of - regularly use local charity shops (cheap clothes, crockery etc)  and our cat came from a local animal rescue charity. 

From charity shops,I have found some very useful items and clothes vintage style

I got my cats from a charity

My daughter has cytic fibrosis and dream holidays paid for a family holiday to Butlins to give us a break


I voted no as personally I have not benefited but I have charities to thank for my cats without which I would not have their companionship today